Inlays and crowns in a single visit

The CEREC CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computed Aided Manufacturing) system provides immediate and accurate production of porcelain crowns and inlays by taking a digital photograph inside the mouth. 

This advanced system is designed to construct, produce, and fit porcelain inlays and crowns in one visit. It provides a relatively simple, manageable method for producing aesthetic restorations in the office without the need to wait for specialist dental laboratories. As a result, the number of required appointments is reduced to just one!

How does this benefit me?

1. Saves time: You only need one appointment because your restorations are made on the spot.

2. No temporaries: Because you receive your custom fit restorations at your first appointment, there is no need for temporary restorations.

3. Less anaesthetic: As you generally only need one visit, you reduce the amount of anaesthetic traditionally required during your second and third visits.

4. Reduced tooth drilling: Cerec restorations are fitted with very strong glue, allowing an increased tooth structure to be preserved during a procedure.

5. Cerec restorations are strong and accurate with an average life expectancy of 10 years!