General Questions

Q. What should you do if your tooth is knocked out?
Q. What are extruded teeth?
Q. What should you do if your tooth is pushed out of position?
Q. What do you do when you have a toothache?
Q. What do you do if you have something caught between your teeth?
Q. How would you treat a bitten tongue or lip?
Q. Why do we brush our teeth?
Q. How long should you brush your teeth?
Q. What can you do to slow down acid production when you can't brush your teeth?
Q. What is tooth bleaching?
Q. What is involved in tooth bleaching?
Q. How does tooth bleaching work?
Q. Is tooth bleaching safe for my teeth?
Q. Can I drive after sedation at the dentist?
Q. What are digital x-rays?


Q. Does Invisalign really work?
Q. What are the aligners made of?
Q. What do the aligners look like?
Q. How long will treatment take?
Q. How does Invisalign effectively move teeth?
Q. Has Invisalign conducted clinical tests and studies?
Q. Can I claim a rebate on an Invisalign treatment?
Q. Are there certain dental conditions that automatically exclude you from being an eligible patient?
Q. How long will it take to begin treatment after my initial consultation?
Q. Will the treatment be painful?
Q. Will the aligners affect my speech?