Invisalign Before & After Images

Click on the link below for before and after images of patients treated with Invisalign. We believe that when you see the results of Invisalign, you will realise that you too can have an enhanced smile.

See Invisalign results.


Lynwood Dental Centre Before & After Images

Below are before and after images of actual Lynwood Dental Centre patients. These are examples of building up teeth, covering poorly coloured teeth, and realigning teeth. Making crowns for these patients can involve two visits, the first for preparing the teeth and a second, shorter visit for fitting the crowns. In between visits, a patient wears temporary crowns. For a single crown, only one visit is necessary because Dr Tarek and Dr Mohammed use the CEREC CAD/CAM system to prepare and fit the crown in the same visit.


* Actual results may vary depending on the situation.

* Proper clinical examination is needed before any results can be achieved.